My Compass

Whenever I need direction, I look up.  Most days I see  light in the sky and most days  amazing sunrises and sunsets.  When I cannot see that light, I  know I can always create it, one paintbrush stroke at a time.

My compasses guides me . It point me towards  two stars that  I know will always be there.  Underneath the  light in this painting , are those two stars.

Art within Art

One of the things I really like about painting and the arts, more generally, is the ability to experiment to recreate and rebirth through the creative process. It’s one place where it’s ok  and even accepted or appreciated  to not always be or do things  the same or do things “right”  but to just do freely. Variation, experimentation, change, “mistakes” it is all ok!    Just imagine a world where every adult could feel as free  “playing” as  children do! Adults could  continue  to have  the fun of a child forever! That is my love of art and the creative process!

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