The backyard wildflowers are beautiful in
April May particularly. The blues of Nigella and pinks of Wild Rose?  Dandelions and Buttercups I think?  Creeping through every crack they are there as
beautiful garments I could wear or as angels to speak or as pieces of art to create
with or as a whisper of the natural beauty already existing.

I can’t forget making wedding bouquets with a
friend and my mother for my children’s 4th grade teacher- who was
getting married- and was able to see the beauty in these small backyard wildflowers.
I wish could make them into wedding bouquets every year.

Art to share

The backyard wildflowers are spectacular today, but they will be gone with a puff
of wind tomorrow. There are stored and hung canvases everywhere. Canvases stored inside collect dusk and outside the paint peels away. If
not for these, the wildfires will come. I want a lighter world. One that fits in a backpack; I am reminded of the upcoming wildfire season, and the past wildfire season, and the current wildfire season. I am reminded of the chaos in the world. I want only a backpack or a shared memory.

I wish I could put it all in my backpack  and  take it  with me.


More than anytime, we need to dream now. It is more important  than ever to dream, to have dreams, to keep dreaming.However you can expand joy, love , time, do it.