Blood Moon   January 2019 (post Woolsey Fire, November

By Kimmy

On an evening in January

the blood moon met the sounds
of howling coyotes

and the ribbiting frogs that
had found home in the pools of water

left by the recent intense
rain storm

that had led to more
devastation as mud slid down the burnt hills.

“Save this place

by the Sea

one hundred more years

just for me.”

A poem I wrote as a child,

The hands of a girl on a boat
writing with a stick in the glued on sand

as she fished for human made bottles,

in the ocean,

As part of an art competition,

“Save the Santa Monica Bay”.

As we dug through the rubble,

Of our family home,

I saw only glistening sea
creatures and sparkling sea birds

And fire and ice.

The devastation was

To art.

It was in this place,

Looking out at the glistening

And up at the majestic skies,

And towards the horizon

at the sunsets

And sunrises

Painted by the hands of God,

I would want to immulate that

Outside and through the

I experienced the magic

Of color and light

I’m sure creating

the heart of an artist.

That evening,

 watching the round glistening white moon

 turn to a ball of red over a period of hours,

with family as well,

A complete lunar eclipse.

and recalling the many red

from so many prior fires

and sunsets becoming even
more vibrant

with exquisite colors,

 colored by the ash in the sky

I still have the words on my
tongue and in my soul,

“Save this Spot,

By the sea,

100 more years,

For me.”