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There are times when the world looks dark and I just can’t see past it. That is one of the many times, I turn to my many paintbrush under the big sky outside. I put color to  canvas or to a board, and hope the sky will look clearer in a few hours, or at least more colorful. Amazingly, it usually works.

But  sometimes, or usually,  it takes a lot of paint, or at least a lot of paintbrushes!  

I usually don’t know where I will end up when I take the paintbrushes out, but I have found that very often I end up with a huge horizon in front me, with a giant sky and a giant ocean. And sometimes it feels as if the horizon needs a sun, a sunset that is (I live on the west coast, otherwise I think it would be a sunrise).

So, that is what happened here.

But , it often takes a lot of paint to get there, and that means a lot of paintbrushes.

So, here they are, here are all the paintbrushes. They are in the sea and in the sky and even in  the sun.  But it’s worth it.


Prayer for Hawaii

My heart goes out to Hawaii, Maui, Lahaina with the prayer of this mermaid reaching out of the water, up for Hope. The shining pieces on the ocean floor are left from the destruction of the Woolsey Fire in November 2018, understanding of the horrific loss and the Hope one must continue to reach for.  This is a prayer for all who have been impacted by the devastating loss of life and destruction in Hawaii - for recovery and peace. 

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